I am the camera-mamba-ninja, the light wrangler, a photon cowboy. Equal parts artist, tech geek, teacher and comedian - I tame wild ideas, break concepts in and saddle them up.  

My goal is to make eye-poetry with every shot.  

I fell in love with photography at the ripe age of three. Since then, the magic and mystery of making ideas visible, understandable and enjoyable has been my passion. 

I shoot just about anything - from products, corporate portraits, weddings and architecture to conceptual and abstract images. I have many local and international clients and have been featured on Pasella, the Street focus podcast, Hashtag Radio, and OrmsTV.  

If you want images that truly speak a thousand words, let's connect and make it happen.  



Services offered

This is my service to you: translating thoughts and experiences into visual journeys, using storytelling to connect viewers with the underlying message of a brand, product, person or experience. If you are keen to explore the creative processes of image-making, come and join the 15th-of-a-second Facebook group and free Cape Town photowalks on the 15th of every month. 

  • Shoots - products, people, places, events, weddings
  • Classes - photography, lightroom, lighting 
  • Consulting - artistic design and creative imagery
  • Art - photographic art and prints